Friday, 11 February 2011

WIP: Portrait

Ok, so here is another WIP from the portrait, I'm going to try and throw together all kinds of materials and textures in here to give myself a challenge. Here I have used a polished silver breastplate and blocked-out sash, obviously it needs more form, I'm just trying to nail the pallete at the moment. My aim is to really give convincing textures, I really want to nail satin, but I'm not sure I can put that on this kind of character. I think I might take it in another direction and make it more of a faux 19th century portrait.

Also the right upper arm (his right) is too long.


  1. looking good with this one dude. it's always nice to see progression steps. the only thing i would say is the eyes seem a little close together.

  2. haha yeah, fair play. I was trying to exaggerate the features, but I took it a little far I think - I'm starting over on this one