Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Freelance - lgbtmentalhealth.ie - Video 2

This video was technically a lot more complicated than the first - I did struggle initially on how to construct the cycling scene - I wanted to stay within the confines of the flat design aesthetic, but I also wanted to get the feeling of movement and depth in there too. I ended up using two layers in addition to the staggered placement of the characters so I could create the parallax effect without adding (I hope) too much detail. I think I kind of broke the rules with the lens blur on the trees because that technically left me without the nice clean edges, but in the end I justified it as being no different to motion blur, which is definitely OK.

In addition to the depth of the cycle scene, this video was also more complicated due to the appearance of multiple characters - the script necessitated a family interacting around a dinner table. Once I thought about the placement of the characters, (opting for the classic single-camera setup) it all went rather smoothly.

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