Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Freelance - lgbtmentalhealth.ie - Video 3

The final video was a lot easier than the second - although there are multiple characters, thankfully they are dancing, which means I was able to use looped keyframes. I also felt the background elements really fit with the characters here, I committed 100% to flat design - there isn't any perspective or depth but I felt comfortable leaving it out in this case (even video 1 had a 3D park bench). There was one scene which was cut, but that was my fault for getting impatient and skipping the storyboard phase for this video. I was very eager to get straight into animating!

The initial character design for all of the final video is slightly different to the original approved design - the characters initially had different stripes on their arms and legs which gave them more individuality, but it also meant that each character had to have it's own .psd - whereby with the new design, I ended up only using one of the .psds and using a fill effect within After Effects to change the colour of each layer. This also had the added advantage of being able to cut and paste poses or occasionally (as with the walk cycle) entire sections of animation which could then be tweaked to fit.

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