Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Retroactive - Foundation Grad Film

Here for the first time since 2006 is my graduation animation from Bournville Centre for the Visual Arts.

The film is about 1:00 without credits and titles, and the production itself took 3 intensive weeks. The pre-production was much slower, as the original project was intended to be much longer, but as I realised that it would be impossible to do everything I wanted with the time that I had, I cut the story down a lot and ended up with this.

At the end credits it thanks some people, they really saved my ass when it came to the deadline as I was trying to display the animation on a monitor set 3' back inside a wooden box which was about 7' h, 2' w, 5' d. They helped me put this together at the 11th hour and I should thank them again.

I will be posting the original concept art and storyboard to give you an idea of what it was supposed to be like.

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